Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Ok, so I seem to be finding people all over the place talking about Netti Pots lately... and I felt like I should weigh in on this topic. I'm not sick - so it is an unbiased opinion on the products available. About a year or so ago - I was at a doctor's appointment for one of my ever present colds, and found out an interesting tidbit of information.

I had become addicted to nose spray - namely Afrin - which apparently can happen if you use it for more than 3 days before stopping. I'd used it for a good long while, and what the famous Dr. W (my primary care doc) told me was that basically your body becomes dependent on the chemicals in those sprays - and you will have the congestion or runny nose chronically if that happens. It happened to me.

The transition off of the nose spray wasn't easy - I couldn't breathe for sure... but he offered up a solution that was more natural, that helped get me through the misery.

I was skepitcal folks... I seriously was beyond terrified at the idea of shooting salt water up my nose... but once I got over my fear of drowning in my bathroom - I realized that this product is truly a gift from God. Ya'll, I know this isn't the topic that you really would want me to cover... but it's like a massage for your sinuses... they will seriously become your friends if you use this product.

Mine is shaped different from most that you've probably seen and heard of - you know, the ones that look like tea pots - I can't even begin to figure out how you'd administer the saline solution into your nose from that thing... but this one works for me.

I've even gone back and gotten a large pack of the little salt solution packets to have around for whenever I need to use this little jewel...

I've also become a HUGE fan of these bath products from WalMart...

I personally prefer the bath soak to the salts - but I could only find the salts on their website - I've tried all of the different versions: Stress & Tension, Restless Nights, Aches & Pains, Cold & Sinus - they don't sell them online, but they are over by the facial cleansing products in our store - maybe even by the bubble bath in yours. The Cold & Sinus one is great when you're sick... and I use the Restless Nights one (think lavender scent) all the time... also the Stress & Tension (I'm not sure what the scent is, but it's mild and relaxing)

So there you have it folks... the things that are some of my "go to" items when I'm not feeling well.

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  1. My mom *loves* her NeilMed bottle. She used to use a neti pot, but really prefers the bottle. She also said it doesn't sting like the neti salt solution used to. She went on about it for a good half-hour when she was visiting. We do have a neti pot, but I've never used it...I'm kind of klutzy and I think that might be dangerous for me. (I once choked on a vitamin, and inhaled a bunch of much worse would it be to actually put the water up my nose...!!!)

  2. I use a product called ENTSOL and I love it! I use it often even when not congested because my allergist recommends it because it cleans allergens out before they become a big problem. ENTSOL isn't completely like your bottle. It is pressured but not very high. They best way I can describe it is like canned cheese or rediwhip but not as strong. I don't think I could ever use a nettipot. This is just easier.

  3. See, I like the neti pot and I can't imagine using that bottle. Don't you get snot-water all over your hand?

    I do like the NeilMed saline packets though. They seem to be the perfect mix of salt.


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