Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Recap Begins

You might be wondering what's been going on with me lately - since I've been a bit distant. Well, sooooo much!!

Let me go back to a week ago Friday and work my way forward over the next day or so. That is the day that our crib arrived from Ohio! We are still working on getting the painting completed and the border on the wall before we set up the furniture, but the rest of the baby's furniture is on it's way - so hopefully there will be some new progress there that is visible soon. There has been a lot of work and progress - you just can't tell it from a photo right now. The crib arrived safely, and I took a couple of pictures while we were unpacking it...

I absolutely love that it has a sort of curved sleigh feel to it - it is better than I would have picked out on my own. I can't wait to see how it all looks when it comes together.

On November 21st, I hosted the second portion of our church's women's service project - to finish making scrapbooks for the birth mothers that are working with the adoption agency that we are going to be adopting through. (Which I'm now coordinating that portion of Cypress Calling Ministries with my friend Danielle - we are in charge of making sure that each birth mother at New Life gets a book... exciting!!)

The snack table... cause that's how I roll...

Supply mania...

Sadly - no pictures of us working, but we got them completed with enough time for me to go shopping for a bit that afternoon. So I went and registered at another store - so now I have two working baby registries ready for some last minute gender specific additions - and we're ready - at least with that part!

I started on Sunday making a gafrillion cakeballs - I made:

German Chocolate (6 1/2 dozen)

Red Velvet (6 1/2 dozen)

Yellow Cake (with Chocolate Frosting - 6 1/2 dozen)

Strawberry (6 1/2 dozen)

Carrot (6 1/2 dozen)

I finished the strawberry and carrot ones on Wednesday before Thanksgiving - while John made several goodies - we were up cooking for Thanksgiving until past midnight... which is odd considering we weren't hosting the meal at all!

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  1. OK, so what's up with the registries? How come we don't know about them??

    PS - I think I am dying. Send me cake balls! STAT!!! :-)

  2. Well, y'all have been busy! I guess you are looking forward to stuff calming down around Christmas. Oh, wait, it doesn't.

    My sister who hates sweets made some cakeballs for Thanksgiving and shaped several of them to look like turkeys (candy corn for the tails and stuff like that). They were almost too cute too eat but we managed.


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