Friday, December 18, 2009


A BIG thanks to Becky for giving the ole blog a facelift this week - she worked on it earlier this week, but I fell off the planet... so this is my first chance to thank her properly.

I feel so bad for asking you guys for prayers and then not giving an update - but I promise that I'll get to it over the weekend. I have been extremely ill with a respitory infection taking over my life and while that wasn't winning the battle for my attention - it was also a killer week at work.

So while I was violently ill at still at the office working yesterday - fever, chills, murderous cough... but under a deadline that I couldn't miss. I was standing in one of the hallways waiting to get something signed by my Vice President. I was talking to another girl in the hall while I was waiting, and all of a sudden she got this huge smile on her face.

The she rubbed my tummy and asked when I was due! Can you imagine?! Of course I tried to be as gracious as possible and just said, "No, but I am in the process of adopting a baby." Then she apologized, and I said - "It's alright - I wish I could be pregnant."

If that had happened a couple of months ago or if I had felt better - the reaction could have been so much different... but we both just quietly walked away and didn't say anything else.

Haven't we all heard about asking people things like that? I mean really! I'd never ask anyone something like that... I mean she might as well have said that my shirt made me look fat and pregnant. Which would be something that I'd dearly love to hear... if it were true!

So, when is the last time you stuck your foot in your mouth? Or had someone say something like that to you?

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  1. wow. just... wow. people are ridiculous.

    at a group dinner, i once invited a friend of a friend to a singles party (he wasn't wearing a ring), saying something about getting out there and finding someone, or something like that, in a peppy, flirty way. i had no idea until later that his wife had VERY recently passed away. like, less than a month. and there i was trying to get him out to meet new chicks.

  2. Awww, its okay Kim! You are such a lovely person & I hope you feel better soon. You are going to be such a good mommy someday. People have said I have a big nose before & I heard them. (oh well) And, for the last month people have come into my office saying how huge I am! But, I know I have a good reason & it will all be worth it. Hang in there...

    <3 Bon

  3. I did have someone ask me if I was pregnant, when my baby was 1 year old. So I don't ask someone if they are pregnant or when they are due unless they are practically in labor.


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