Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby Classes

Yesterday, we completed both our Life with Baby class and our Infant CPR class. They weren't exactly as I expected, but I think we got enough information to be worth the cost.

The Life with Baby class didn't have a whole lot of information that I didn't already know, but there were some tidbits here and there that made it worth the 4 hours that it lasted. I think that above all else, it made John feel more comfortable to bring a baby home soon.

We learned some things about bathing the baby, the 5 S's (Swaddling, Side positioning, Shhhhh, Swinging, and Sucking) involved in comforting the baby, some about the stages of consciousness for babies, and what to expect in terms of pooping... hahahahaha! The only thing about the class that bothered me a bit was the way that they talked about feeding and the options involved with that part of parenting. I'd be happy to explain the 5 S's further to anyone that would like to hear about it. 

They only spent about 5 minutes on bottle feeding, but I'd say a good 45 minutes or more on breast feeding - including the part where she talked at length about their 5 hour class on breast feeding. She made a point to talk about how babies that are formula fed have more ear infections and many other problems - even going so far as to say that SIDS is more common with babies that aren't breast fed. I was a little offended - just because breast feeding really won't be an option for us...

I sort of felt like it was hard enough being in that class with all the pregnant couples - without having to be reminded of the things that my body can't and won't do for our baby. I know that if I were able to have my own child - I'd give breast feeding a good honest try, but I don't know that I agree with the pressure put on women to make one choice over the other. Parenting is hard enough without all of that!

After the first class we went for a quick dinner, and then off to our Infant CPR class. I'd HIGHLY recommend that class to anyone with an infant. Apparently when adults require CPR it is typically because of a heart related issue, but with infants - it is usually a respiratory issue. So CPR can make all the difference when you're dealing with a baby. We learned the techniques for both an unresponsive baby and for a choking baby. The CPR class was required for our adoption agency, but I'm glad that we made a day of it and took both classes.

It was a long day, but well worth it!


  1. I'm sorry about the BFing part - you should send the hospital a note to ask them to be more sensitive for adoptive mothers.

    BUT... I am so glad that your checklist is almost done - just one step closer to holding your baby:-)

  2. While I agree that they should have been more sensitive and aware of your situation and spent more time on bottle feeding, I think they spend so much time on breast feeding because it's hard. It seriously is. And the people give up. It was WAY harder than I imagined with my first and I quit. If I had known then that it's hard for almost everyone and had some tips, I may have kept trying, like I did with my second (I took the classes with my second).

    So don't be offended. :) My first was formula fed and he's sweet and smart and as healthy as can be!

  3. To each his own I say. I believe breast feeding is a great option for those that can do it. I always felt guilty about not being able to but got over it quickly when I realized other people could help out with feedings since the food wasn't coming out of me. I do however dislike the fact that they try and scare you into breast feeding with ear infections and sids statistics. My kids were mainly formula fed and have had 1 ear infection in 2 and half years and have gone to the Dr twice for other illness. I think that also has to do with the fact that my kids don't go to daycare.
    I feel like parenting is hard enough too......... don't be pressured or feel guilty about decisions you and John make. Remember you are the parents.

    I second the CPR class. It saved Lily's life when she was 3 weeks old. I had taken the class as part of my girl scout training before the twins were born. When Lily turned blue and could not breath all that knowledge came flooding back. The emt said that I saved her life by doing cpr.


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