Friday, March 19, 2010

Forward Friday - Fail

In light of this crazy YUCK that has taken over my body... I've spent the past 5 days feeling like my insides were going to projectile spew out in front of me... I know TMI (sorry Dad!). So lets just say that I haven't been feeling very "Forward" in terms of my coworkers. So I think that I'll just pick back up with that next week, so it gives you guys time to catch up... that is if you want to.

In the mean time - Summer - has the most amazing Pay it Forward story for this week, so I'll direct you over there to get some inspiration. Summer has such a sweet heart, and I'm so glad she shared that story with us this week.

So remember that the goal for next week is that we do something special for our coworkers - or one particular coworker... whatever you feel is best in your situation. If you are a stay at home Mom... be creative - I'm sure there is a coach, Sunday school teacher, or someone that you "work" with in your endeavor to raise your child... so pay it forward to them.

Also - don't forget to submit your entries for the YOUR CHOICE GIVEAWAY!! You have up to three entries to win one of 4 great prizes... so pop on over and get your entries submitted.

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