Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Favorites 2.0

Because I'm missing my ability to sit down and focus on anything for more than about 20 minutes... I thought I'd share one of my old favorite past times in Friday Favorites this week. I REALLY love reading magazines... and hopefully one of these days I'll pick back up with them again.

Here are some of my favorites for your potential reading pleasure:

1. Real Simple (1-year) Real Simple (1-year) - I love me some Real Simple magazine!! They've got great tips in there for simple living in general, but I absolutely love their recipes... they are typically fairly quick to throw together and have modest sized ingredient lists - which is nice. I've talked about this magazine before because I dearly love their paper artwork that they use to breakup the different sections of the magazine as well.

2. Food Network Magazine (1-year) Food Network Magazine (1-year) - You'll quickly see that I have issues with obsessing over cooking and recipe magazines... but I can't help it. This one only comes out every other month, but the recipes and ideas are phenomenal. We happen to love watching Food Network at our house - so it's only natural that I get this magazine as well.

3. Taste of Home Taste of Home - This magazine is pretty close to how real people cook - the recipes are just homey and simple. I love when this magazine shows up at our house!! I've found recently that they have a large binder style cookbook that I'd love to get for my birthday. The Taste of Home Cookbook: Cooks Who Care Edition

4. Everyday With Rachael Ray Everyday With Rachael Ray - I got this one for Christmas this year, and I'm still trying to decide how much I love it... the good thing is that it does have some really great stuff that is not cooking related, so I'll likely give it another chance. I chose this one as an alternative to my old Redbook (1-year) subscription... and because I refuse to buy anything with Oprah's name on it. (if any of you are fans of Oprah, I'll spare you from telling you what I really think about her...)

5. Self (1-year) Self (1-year) - I've been reading this one for a couple of years, and I like it - but I don't know how applicable it is to my life anymore... so I'll probably let the subscription go when it runs out. It is a great general health magazine with wonderful ideas on exercise, health, skin care, and healthy recipes.

6. Cooking Light (1-year) Cooking Light (1-year) - I know, I know... I got this one a year or so ago when I was really focused on starting to cook lighter... but have found the magazine to be less on the recipes than I'd like. They do have beautiful images, and lots of recipe makeovers - so it is good if you want a more upscale type of foodie magazine.

Those are the magazines currently coming into our house on a regular basis... but I need some suggestions on a new magazine or two to replace some of the ones that I'm not renewing... something that would be applicable to kids and parenting... any good ones out there that you'd recommend?


  1. I am a total magazine lover too! I get so many it's almost embarrassing. I would say definitely Parents magazine now, but I also really like Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal and Redbook. Happy reading :)

  2. I do not read a lot of magazines. I flip through them while in line at the grocery store and will usually purchase one if it has some good recipes in it.

  3. Ha! Liza is reading my mind.. I was going to say, you need Parents magazine now! :) and in a few years, Highlights for Children.. I used to love that magazine when I was a wee one. :)


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