Thursday, April 15, 2010

Help for a Friend

If you've been around here for a little bit - you've likely heard me talk about my favorite lady in NYC, Summer.

Summer and her husband have taken steps to begin their own adoption process, and it's a little different than ours - so they will have to do some steps that we didn't, and some things that will likely add to the high costs of adoption in general.

I'm taking these words from her blog:
We have taken steps to make our baby dreams come true via a private adoption. This is something that is in the works. We have yet to get certified, so we technically can't and aren't advertising right now. But we will be and the costs will be significant. We will receive the markup on your purchases to go toward our goal to become adoptive parents.

She has set up a store that will sell different items from t-shirts (people and puppies) to onesies... and I've got my eye on a onesie for a certain little guy in my life!! Would you take a minute and go look and see if you can help this wonderful couple out? They've gone through so much over the last two years... starting with a miscarriage that cost Summer one of her fallopian tubes to several rounds of IVF. I know of few others that deserve a baby like they do - because their house is so full of love.

 So go check out her site and if you can - please make a little purchase. (I believe other designs are in the works as well)


  1. i love you. you are my godsent angel.

  2. Loves it. Thank you for spreading the word! Lets get this ladycakes a baby! :)


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