Monday, April 5, 2010

Nature's Bounty

Well, the patient is still hanging in there - although tomorrow we go to another hospital to get some more surgery done to get his jaundice cleared up. So in the meantime - I thought I'd show you the bountiful garden growing in my back yard... it's MUCH better than last year!

On the left, yellow squash... on the right, cucumbers.
On the left, sweet corn... on the right, green beans.

New potatoes

On the left, zucchini... on the right, yellow onions.

On the left, 4 different tomato plants (Roma, Heirloom, and 2 Big Beef)... on the right, jalapenos (in the back) and green bell peppers (in the front)
Our first tomato is forming on one of the Big Beef plants. 

On the patio, I have three strawberry plants... waiting for their bounty with plenty of sugar and whipped cream in hand! 

We have two of these beauties growing in the patio as well... aren't they gorgeous?!

Of course, Missy wanted to say Hi... after I snapped the photo she barked at me... too cute!! Maggie was busy doing whatever she does when she is in the house... probably scouting for food crumbs on the floor in the kitchen.