Thursday, May 20, 2010

Going out of Business

Did that title scare anyone? HAHAHA! I know I haven't been around much lately - but lets just say that things have been nuts around here.

As my life has changed so much from where I started with Thoughts by Kim... so much has happened since April 2007... it's time to walk away from that name, and start something fresh. Life in our home looks very different from where we were three years ago!!

So tomorrow - we'll open up with a new look, a new name, and possibly a giveaway... I'm going to need all of you to help me put the word out about the new digs here, and I'd love to make this fun change a BIG party. So what would you guys like as a giveaway - what would make your readers/friends come by and see what all the excitement is about?

Starbucks gift card?

Talk to me peeps... I want to make this fun for us all!!


  1. Excited to see the new look! Mmmm...Starbucks...I miss Starbucks!!

  2. I have never tried Starbucks, so a giftcard would be cool to win to try it out!

  3. probably not fair if i guess what it is, right? lol.

  4. Starbuck's, of course, have you met me?

  5. My vote is jewelry-- since I'm on Weight Watchers again!

  6. Can't wait to see what the new digs are all about!


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