Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Can you beat us?

So my friend Jenn, and I were chatting today... a continuation of a conversation that started a while back about desperate eating habits. You know, those times in your life where you're so hungry - you'd do something out of the ordinary and eat a random item.

Mine? A pat of butter...

What can we say - desperate times call for desperate measures... Sooooo, in the spirit of transparency... what have YOU eaten in your desperate times? Can you beat us?


  1. DONT JUDGE: Nacho cheese doritos with straight mayo as a dip........hence, the weight problem LOL

  2. this is hard. hmmmm. uncooked noodles - whole wheat too.


  3. The oatmeal worked! I'm full! :)

    And swinging far right on the strangeness spectrum..but that's a given.

  4. ranch dressing with bacon bit and shredded cheese. i told myself it was a salad sans lettuce. lol.


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