Monday, June 28, 2010


Something has been going through my mind for a while, but it wasn't until this weekend that I realized.)  other women out there have had these same thoughts before too. What have I been thinking, you ask? Well, call me crazy... but I've been feeling some guilt because of being pregnant.

I didn't say it was completely rational, but I've been feeling like I'm robbing James of being able to be the only grandson for his grandparents for a couple of years... son for John & I... and just in general like I'm cheating him out of something.

We had lunch with some old friends yesterday, and she told me about when she was pregnant with her younger son that she felt like she was cheating on the older one. That was EXACTLY how I have been feeling... and it was so freeing to know that I'm not just neurotic. (Okay, I am... but on this one I'm not alone.)

I guess that I just want James to know that from the bottom of our hearts - we wouldn't change a single thing in the world about waiting for him, or how he came into our lives. We love him as if he grew in my tummy too - only he grew in our hearts LONG before he became a part of our family. We think he is perfect... and I even found myself standing in the kitchen a few minutes ago looking at him and wondering in amazement how we got here.

How did that fantastically adorable boy get to be mine?

Laughing at his MawMaw... I'm still working on getting a photo of his dimple on the right side!

Sleeping on Daddy

My boys... aren't they cute?

Sooooo... anyone else out there had any irrational thoughts while pregnant? Anyone have a fetus in their body that leans on bones - because mine is leaning on my pelvic bone and causing me to walk like my right hip is out of socket.