Monday, June 7, 2010

Tough Day

Plenty of tears were shed this morning as we dropped off the little man at our sitter's house. Whew... I never knew it would be THAT hard to leave him. From the looks of a photo on Facebook and the status updates from Amanda (our sitter) - it looks like he's having a much easier day that I am - which is good.

It's interesting because I can think back to some days where I wondered about the sanity of what we'd done to change our lives... and then the last few days as the reality of having to go back to work became a painful reminder of just how in 8 short weeks... James has become one of the two most important people in my life.

Eight weeks ago - life was incredibly different... it was entirely of our own making and there wasn't a baby... much less a second baby on the horizon... but it was emptier. Babies at 8 weeks old can't do much... but boy when they give you on of those smiles or snuggle up to you for a nap... trust me when I tell you that you're as good as done in that moment.

As of right now - there are only 3.5 more hours until I get to leave to see that little guy again, and I can't wait!

In other news, any of you that have been around a while won't be shocked to hear that nothing at my office has changed in the slightest little bit - same old stuff. Which I guess is hard because I've changed so profoundly - I think that I just expect too much sometimes from the people that I am surrounded by. Meaning that I typically expect them to act human, but rarely is that the case.

The news of baby #2 did not go over very well... but what can you do? He/She is coming in October and there isn't anything anyone can do about it... it's a miracle and if they can't be happy about it - that's their loss, right?

I will try to get you guys caught up with photos and things as soon as I can... bare with me as we try to get into a routine this week!


  1. Someone seriously had something to say about your second miracle at work? Unbelievable. I'm sorry :(

    I can't even imagine how hard it will be to go back to work. Stay strong mama!

  2. They are selfish, stupid fools for falling anywhere short of thrilled for your miracle baby.

    I'd rather walk on my lips than talk bad about someone, but seriously, they are just too far gone. Just be glad someone else has to live with them and not you...

    Don't let their ignorance rain on YOUR honestly sounds like the powers that be there lack any kind of social/family/home life if they can't shed the career attitude long enough to congratulate you. I feel sorry for them...

  3. Your post took me back to the first day I had to go back to work after my little one (now, not so little) was born. I couldn't stop being sad, crying, or thinking about what he's doing that I wouldn't know about. Then, I decided to go see him on my lunch break and that boy was as happy as he could be. I knew he was in a good place and that things would be alright. Sure, it's much, much harder on us than it is on them, but boy will you love seeing him (as I'm sure you did) when you get to pick him up! I'm so glad that you get to experience the joy of motherhood (and soon so much more)!

    People at the office will always be just that - people. I'm sorry they don't understand the true miracle that you and John get to experience. I know that I'm happy and excited for you and I'm sorry that others have to be a wet rag on such a joyous moment!!

    Fortunately, this will just make you really appreciate the giggles now!!! :-)

  4. I'm sorry the people at your office aren't supportive. I agree, it's their loss.

    The first few days or couple of weeks after going back to work are kind of hard, I agree. But once you get into the routine, and you know that James is fine, it gets a lot easier. Promise.


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