Saturday, July 3, 2010

Adventures in Baking

Last Saturday, my niece - Brittany - and sister - Cathi - came over to do some baking with me. Brittany wants to start a business making cupcakes and other baked goods for sale, and she wanted to include my cake ball recipe as part of her menu. They can be challenging to make the first time - so I thought it would be best to make them with her the first time around so that I can show her the steps and the tools that I use when I make them. 

We had a lot of fun, and I documented the whole day in photos just for some fun... so here are the photos that I took...


Here is Brittany crumbling up the cake in a bowl so that she can mix in the icing.

Getting an arm workout mixing the cake with the icing... here she is making a new flavor that I'll tell you about later.

Putting the cake and icing in the fridge to firm up before forming the balls.

A critical step while things are chilling/freezing... watching Food Network on television for research & development of other products.

Forming the balls to be frozen before dipping in chocolate - she made some strawberry ones as well as cookies & cream... we also made some red velvet for a coworker of mine and some red velvet with pecans for John.

Another good step - while the balls are freezing... play with your adorable baby cousin!

Dipping in the chocolate - it took us a minute to get in a rhythm with this step, but eventually between the three of us - we got it down to a science!

The finished cookies & cream cake ball... soooooo yummy - it's french vanilla cake mixed with crushed Oreos, then you mix in cream cheese frosting and dip in white chocolate... I'd bet that it would be amazing dipped in dark chocolate too. 

They arrived at about 9:30 that morning and left around 2ish to go home... it was a long process of making cake balls - but it is worth the reward! I'll be sure to put information out there when Brittany gets her business going - so that anyone that wants to support my favorite 12 year old niece... you can.


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