Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catching Up

I swear that some days - I blink and they are gone... which means that I've made zero attempt to write a post for this little corner of the interwebs... I promise that I do intend on getting around here everyday - because I dearly love writing and hope that occasionally someone will read what I have to write and be inspired/tickled/or anything else by my words.
Before I get too far into a post - it's a very exciting day for a lovely blog lady, Kristen of KLaw:Inspired and K's Little Law... she is meeting her first son this morning! It's been a long journey for her - and I couldn't be more thrilled for her... I know she will be a wonderful mother, and that the stories to come will be incredibly entertaining! Drop on by and give her some love today... as this is the biggest day of her life.
Things for us are just going along steady right now - James is growing like crazy... Tyler is growing like crazy... Mommy is growing like crazy... HA!
Can I just say that I never realized before James came along - just how many people out there are walking around like zombies getting through the day... I know that I am... I've never been so sleep deprived in my life - and can't see a light at the end of that tunnel yet. I think just about the time we start seeing some light - it'll be time to start all over again with Tyler.
Last week - I think I mentioned that John took James to the doctor - and that little stinker is almost double his birth weight now! They didn't get an accurate measurement of his length because the lady didn't stretch him... but we KNOW that he's getting taller... his legs are so long - and I can just tell because he kicks Tyler whenever he tries to fight off going to sleep.
He'll go back on the 13th of August - ironically just a short couple of hours after Mommy & Daddy see Tyler again for his 29 week growth scan. At James' appointment that day we'll be getting instructions on starting him on rice cereal... which is just incredible! From that day - things will start moving faster - I think... because we'll be seeing the OB every two weeks from there until she kicks me into going every week.
It's amazing to think that we're already at the point of going every two weeks! I was just telling John the other day how amazed I am these days that the old saying "the days are long...but the weeks/months/years are short" - I have never felt that more true than I do right now!


  1. Okay so I saw that you were a follower of mine and I went back to read some of your story about adoption and then finding out you were pregnant - that's quite a story! Glad to meet you. (o:

  2. I love watching this all unfold. Will you be taking 12 weeks for maternity leave? (Just asking out of curiosity & wondering if your employer is pressuring you about being out again.)


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