Sunday, July 11, 2010


I think I've officially been welcomed into the Mommy club now... after a perfectly charming day yesterday - today - we had a moment.

Yesterday - we had a little bit of a tough time with our photo shoot - but in retrospect we didn't schedule it at a good time for James, it was hot, and I think they just pushed him a little too long. Once we left the store though - he was GREAT. Smiley, happy, and giggling for the next several hours while we went to Babies R Us and lunch.

Today, he spoiled me by being a Mama's boy - which is a rare occasion because he is normally the biggest Daddy's boy you've ever seen. We did great at home getting ready for church - little meltdown on the way to church, but I was able to quickly calm him down when we got there. I took him out of his carseat in the parking lot and he relaxed while we walked in. We snuggled through the service, and made it to the grocery store after church... that's when we lost it.

We did our shopping while smiling and being so happy - but about the time that Mom got to the card section to get Daddy's birthday card - we lost it in the biggest way imaginable. He wasn't just crying - he was almost choking himself because of the severity of the fit. So I tried to soothe him for a little bit - while the entire store walked by and looked at us... one lady offered to help me with "her" (nice - since he was in a green and brown outfit)... but in the end, nothing was going to calm him down.

What do you do in that situation? Well, I left my entire cart ready for checkout in the card section... grabbed James, his carseat and my purse and walked out of the store. I did manage to tell a store employee that I left the cart there in the aisle so that they could put the ice cream away. We went to the car, got buckled in... pulled out of the parking lot - and promptly fell asleep. Oiy!

At that point, Mommy lost it completely... and had a moment. It's a good thing we only live like 10 minutes from the store... because by the time we got home... we were alright and he was still sleeping. I was able to come in and get a thing or two done before he woke up for his bottle and big nap of the day. We'll see how the rest of Daddy's birthday goes...

Before I leave you for the day though - I thought I'd give you a glimpse at what he was like yesterday... so cute and cuddly. Enjoy!

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  1. I thought the "christening" happened when baby boy peed on you during his bath. :) Just kidding, mama.

    Keep your chin up - you are doing GREAT!!

    I am amazed at how even 3 months, we begin to display our unique personality and are already so one-of-a-kind! What an amazing little miracle in a diaper you have!


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