Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pillow, Please?

After a day with no real air conditioning at the office yesterday - in the 90 degree heat (which really in Houston means that it felt like 105... when you factor in the humidity) ... I find myself still a little wiped out. You just don't realize what that takes out of you until it's too late... and even yesterday - I got a second wind late in the afternoon/evening... so I was able to keep up the pace and not crash out early.
I've been having that a lot lately - I am exhausted in the morning... really tired - like accidentally fall asleep at your desk - tired. (No, I haven't done that... but MAN it's a struggle!) Somewhere around 9 AM - I get a little bit of energy back and can forge on through with some work... I'm good until that 2-3 PM slump... get my third wind somewhere around 4 or 5... and I'm okay until around 9 or so... only to start it all over again the next day.
I guess James and I are similar creatures right now - because you can sort of tell that by 7:30 he's ready to start his bedtime routine... and by the time he's down in bed - I've got about 30 minutes left in me to sit back and relax before I'm at the point of no return for my own bedtime routine. It's hard to believe I'm only 32 - because I swear I've got the sleeping habits of someone two or three times my age!
I was ready last night to sit back with my cranberry spritzer (thanks Danielle W for this gem of a drink idea!) to enjoy the season premiers of The Closer and Rizzoli and Isles on TNT - only to find that I'd fallen alseep somewhere in the later half of The Closer... it's a darn good thing we have DVR... so at least there is a possibility that I could go back and see the end if I wanted to. John woke me up right at the beginning of Rizzoli and Isles - and I just couldn't do it... so we'll watch that another night - hopefully at an earlier time so that I won't crash and burn in the middle of it.
Is this a sign that my third trimester is going to be just one big long blur of me trying to keep myself awake enough to function? I don't know, but I certainly hope not. Maybe I'm still trying to catch up from the weekend - it was good, but busy... and I wanted so badly to let John relax on his birthday - so I tried to do as much of the house work to prepare for the work week as I could. Since the cleaning lady will be coming this weekend - maybe that will give us both a little time to relax and catch up.
James is starting to become so independent right now - he loves laying on his back playing with things... it's funny because some of the most special times of the day with him are when he's on his changing table... he just becomes the most happy, smiley, charming little boy on the planet. So last night we both got on the floor with him (it's not an easy task for me these days) and played with one of his little gym toys... he even reached out and grabbed some of the toys. Easily one of my favorite times with him is first thing in the morning when we unswaddle him, and he spends a few minutes stretching and talking to us... so cute!

It's amazing to me how quickly time flies - I mean in just another 3 weeks or so - it'll be time for him to start having some rice cereal... we tink that he's going through a little growth spurt right now because he's sleeping a bit more during the day, and is waking up for that middle of the night feeding again. An unofficial weigh in on Sunday night puts him at about 13.4 pounds now... which is about a pound gain since his 2 month doctors visit. Just another month and he'll be headed back to get his second round of shots - and we'll see how much he's grown. I think he's getting taller much quicker than he's gaining weight - but I won't know for sure until they measure him.
We head back to the OB this moring to see how Tyler is doing as well. He is certainly more active this month - nothing super consistent, but I feel him off and on throughout the day. Poor John still hasn't felt him kick, it's like he puts his hand on my belly and Tyler instantly relaxes... or just is THAT stubborn. I dread getting on the scale and getting that lecture - but I'm sort of over it too... there isn't much else I can do to stop it. I am excited however to either see Tyler via ultrasound or at least hear him with the doppler... I don't know what she'll do this visit. I do believe there is blood work that I have to get drawn, but other than that - it's a mystery.
The one fun thing that John & I get to do every time we go to the OB is have lunch together - we usually pick it up and take it back to our offices, but it's still sort of fun to be able to go grab something with your husband... since we do carpool together, but don't ever meet for lunch. Today - we're planning a trip to Freebird World Burrito - which is a BIG deal from college - it is a chain that started in College Station and is spreading out... it's sort of like Chipotle - but was around long before to those of us that went to Texas A&M and is MUCH better. Yummy!


  1. Kim,

    One thing to really keep your eyes open for as a pregnant WLS post-op (and hopefully your OB/GYN knows this!) is that your labs are SUPER susceptible to crashing and burning while you're pregnant and/or nursing. Iron levels especially go fast. I've had several patients need routine infusions over the course of their pregnancy. There are several Yahoo Groups for pregnant post-ops. If you go to www.groups.yahoo.com and in the group search function, enter appropriate terms (i.e., pregnancy, OSSG, WLS) it will give a list of the available groups.

    And you're completely correct - SUPER easy to get dehydrated in the heat as a post-op - doubly so as a pregnant post-op. You're trying to get in at least 80 oz of unsweetened fluids daily, right? (And the new standard is NO sweetening - artificial or otherwise.) When I was pregnant with my youngest (and on 18 weeks of bedrest!) they reminded me several times a week to drink - dehydration brings on premature labor!

    Take good care of you, girlfriend! That precious family needs you!

  2. We have Chipotle here but I'm not that impressed with it. I'd be happier with the cilantro rice and nothing more!

    Give us some good old fashioned authentic Mexican and we're happy!

    I don't envy your tiredness all the time. It's awful having to work through a day of it, let alone weeks!

    I assume you're sleeping good at night?

  3. i'm so glad to be checking in and seeing that everything is going beautifully! Wishing you and your whole family lots of love lady!!

  4. Enjoy thoat spritzer:-)

    When I was pregnant, I napped in the nurse's office for my 90 minute conference period everyday AND I was in bed by 7pm most nights. Just think of the amazing work your body is doing. You should be exhausted!


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