Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kick Me

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I think life is kicking John and I while we're down right now... and what can you do about that? Not much. I guess in time we'll just laugh about it, but today it feels pretty poopy. The boys absolutely are sleeping terribly right now... which is to be expected for Tyler, but James is having some serious issues the last few nights.

I don't know what to make of it - teething? jealousy? growth spurt? new room? - I have no idea, but it's making us borderline certifiable... from the hours of 1-5 there isn't much sleeping going on for this Mama... or really anyone in the house. In addition, Tyler eats just about every 3 hours... but is going through something where he is just fussy all night long - laying him down flat in the bassinet just doesn't work for him. He either wants to be in the bouncy (which for some reason makes him happier during the day than at night) or touching one of us. John can get the boys to sleep a little bit by snuggling with them, but I can't because of the pain in my shoulders that I'm being treated for.

Oh yes, I've somehow managed to have a baby and the worst pain that my body is feeling is in my shoulders - I can't raise my arms up even the slightest bit without pain. So, I'm on steroids.. woo hoo... you know that that means? For me, it means that for about the next month - I go blind. Weird... I know, but it is true. Every time I take these things this same reaction happens to me. At least I get some wear out of the $200 pair of glasses I bought several years ago when this reaction happened for the first time.

So, literally - I'm blind, unemployed and exhausted... but then this morning - the world is taking a swing at the husband too... his amazing cell phone landed in a puddle of water - which could mean that it's ruined. It's going through a drying out process right now, and I sincerely hope that it comes back to life! Add to that - two emails from people over petty issues... and we're just a little over our limit. Under normal circumstances - most of these issues would just roll off without any lasting irritation... but when coupled with the whole no sleep thing - it can be overwhelming!

I love these kids with all my heart, but seriously - one night of them cooperating a little so that these two tired parents could regroup would help tremendously! I think we could deal with one of them having a sleeping issue, but both at the same time?! Oiy!

This guy is 1 month old today... I'm not sure what he's doing to his ear in this shot... but it makes me smile. It's like he's trying to hear the television or his music on the bouncy seat better.

Here's hoping that you're all doing better than I am today... I don't even think an IV of caffeine would help me now - but I'm trying to push through it and get some things done... only two weekdays left until I start watching both boys during the day. So if I'm going to finish getting the house organized and nested - I've got to hop to it!


  1. Thinking about you Kim! Wish i could help in person, but feel free to call on me if you need someone to vent to.

  2. I can't relate in terms of newborn babies, but I do have one whiny, strong-willed puppy at home who is bringing this momma to her wits end too. Early hours, not sleeping through the night, spending an entire 40 minute lunch break outside trying to get her to potty only to have her NOT potty then do it in her crate when I leave, playing with her so she'll tire out...which she never seems to do.

    I know it's not quite the same, but in some ways it is. I know how being tired - okay, exhausted - can really add to the overall stress. Sometimes it just feels like everything is caving in at once, but rest assured, my love. Your Knight is on His way to rescue you. :)

  3. Is James sitting unassisted yet?

    The good ole' school pediatricians (Brazelton, Sears) say that sleep disruption can occur right before a developmental growth spurt. This has been true with my girls. Before they starting sitting, crawling, standing, walking, etc. Madi is going through it right now and we think it is related to her language growth.

    Hang in there. Maybe you guys can take one night each this weekend?

  4. I can come over one of the days you are alone with both and care for them both while you nap. I don't mind. I will even bring lunch and then you can go crash for a couple of hours. Kevin is home Thursday and Friday, so if either works for you let me know. I took all the help I could get when I had my twins.


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