Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Christmas Decoration Needs...

So, what happens when you have two kids within one year? Trivial as it sounds... but a big concern for me has been our Christmas Stockings! I truly love nothing more than finding little fun tidbits in my stocking every year, and I can't wait to pass that on to the boys.

I started looking online about 2-3 months ago... extremely early, but I knew that time would be slim once Tyler came along and it just isn't an option to not have cuteness hanging from the mantel during the holiday season.

My next irrational concern in the stocking shopping... what do I do about our future baby's stocking? How do you handle that? Do you just buy a whole new set again at that time? Well, at roughly $20+ per stocking... I would rather take the hit now and not have to get a whole new set. I'm a big dork and like things to match - so we set out to figure a solution to making this work.

That's when we found Stocking Factory online - they actually address this very issue. They tell you the likelihood of them carrying the stockings you purchase in future years... but also allow you to go ahead and buy extras to return later for personalization. Just keep your order number and information with the extra stockings, and you can send it back at some point in the future to get your kiddo's name put on it.

We found these... and they will be proudly displayed on our mantel this year!

We're ordering the Santa for "Daddy", the Snowman for "Mommy" (because Mommy is a snowman FREAK!), and a reindeer for each of the kiddos. I can't wait to see how these turn out... and you know that I'll post a picture to show you!

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  1. Love the stockings! I just got three Pottery Barn velvet stockings off of Ebay and am taking them to a local place to have them embroidered. I got all three for as much as one would have cost at the actual Pottery Barn store :)


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