Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where Does it Go?

I have been desperately trying to get a chance to start working on answering your questions from last week - and I PROMISE that I'm going to make it happen... one way or another. Geez, even if I have to stow away at a Starbucks this weekend for an hour.

It's funny - before I actually tried my hand at this whole stay at home Mom thing... I thought it would be easier. Even if it is temporary - it's totally worth every minute of heart ache and exhaustion... but I really thought that more of the day would be down time that I could use to get things done - I was SERIOUSLY wrong on that front. Maybe when the kids are older, but certainly not as life stands in my house right now.

As soon as I get done feeding, changing, and settling one baby in... the other wants to feed, change, play or settle in himself. So it's pretty much a constant series of actions devoted to my two little princes... so I sort of thought it might be funny to give you a little sneak peak at the glamorous life I'm leading these days.

Today alone - looked like this:
  • Both boys threw up on me at different times during the day - which means Mom had three wardrobe changes herself.
  • We had 4 super stinky dirty diapers during the day today...
  • Eleventy Billion wet diapers
  • 12 or so bottles made, consumed, and washed
  • 2 boys given baths, massages, and snuggles
  • 2 attempts at giving James baby food (he's still not feeling 100% so his eating isn't normal) 
  • 15 million showings of Baby Einstein for James
  • 4 attempts at reading books with James
  • 1 hour or so of helping James sit up... he's getting so close to being able to do it on his own
  • 7 doses of acid reflux medicine given to James
  • 3 applications of vapo rub on James' feet to help with his stuffy nose
  • Likely 2 hours or so of play time in the exersaucer and/or rolling around on the floor for a certain 7 month old
  • 3+ hours of sweet snuggle time with Tyler
  • 6 or so short naps for each of the boys... that I wish could be translated into 2 or three longer naps 
  • 1 bottle held and consumed by James all by himself... or at least he held it while he drank the last ounce or so (he's getting so BIG!)
  • at least 2 loads of laundry generated between wardrobe changes, burp cloths, bibs, and blankets used since Tuesday
  • several videos and photos taken of the boys throughout the day...
  • all leading to ONE tired, sore, brain dead, and deliriously happy Mama


  1. I'm gonna go drink my coffee now. You've worn me out. {sigh}


  2. You have made me tired just reading this :)


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