Monday, December 6, 2010

Prayers Please

Will you please keep this little guy in your prayers today... our whole family really... today is the day that our social workers with the adoption agency go to court to terminate the rights of his birth parents.  This is the rescheduled court date from much earlier this fall - but they had to notify his birth father of the hearing. 

Pray that the birth father won't show up and complicate things - he refused the certified letter that they sent him about the hearing, but they sent him another version of it by regular mail. If he shows up - it'll make things harder for everyone.

If he doesn't show up - by all accounts the birth parents' rights should be terminated, and they will petition for us to have a court date to finalize the adoption before the end of 2010 - ideally. If that can't happen... we'll be setting it for as soon as possible. 

This one final step will allow us to come completely full circle on the whole process of becoming parents... so please keep us in your thoughts today... and as soon as I know more - I'll update.