Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No WAY Wednesday

I am sort of stealing this idea from another blog - but only conceptually... and I don't know that she still does it either - I stopped reading a LONG time ago because in the midst of my fertility struggle it just became too hard to read her blog. ANYWAY... 

I'm launching a little fun for us all. The concept for No Way Wednesday is to laugh at ourselves - because we ALL do stuff every week that we'd deny if anyone was watching closely enough. Sadly, some of us do it more often than others... but here we go...

No Way... did I keep adding to the dishwasher and rewashing the dishes instead of unloading them... 

No Way... did I find myself getting envious of my kids because just once I wish someone would take care of my every need at the slightest sound of a whimper...

No Way... did I almost not only forget to wear a bra one day - but ALSO had my shirt on backwards!

No Way... did I silently laugh when it was John who found our first MAJOR blow out of a diaper situation... because we live by a "you found it... you deal with it" sort of rule in our house...

No Way... did I try to act like I didn't hear Tyler crying one night... only to shortly realize that I was the only adult in the house! 

No Way... did I have to REALLY think about changing James' dirty diaper because he was already asleep in bed when I found it. (I did change it... but MAN - waking him up seemed like a BAD idea!)

No Way... am I sooo bored at work some days that I find myself getting bored with blog reading, facebooking, game playing, and pretty much anything else... I love the downtime, but wish I could be sleeping! 

No Way... did I beg the dogs to pack the diaper bag and wash the bottles for me last night...

No Way... did I consider charging 48 cents on my bank check card at Starbucks because I wasn't sure I could count money like that at 6AM... (don't judge... I'd been up since 3:45 after only going to bed around 11)

No Way... have I misread several emails this week only to find myself wondering why people are so dumb... only to then realize that I'm the dumb one! 

So, what have you done this week that you'd deny if anyone asked you about it? Join in the fun... if you dare!

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  1. Okay I'll play!
    No way - did I spell the word "Vaguer" in our game of Bananagrams last night!
    No way - I could not remember the word Conjunction and had to say "connector" word, when asked what "but, and, or" are.
    My husband had a great laugh at this, b/c I am the English major and b/c I am teaching our kids!


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