Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Mommy Confessions

Sometimes - I look back on the last 10 months of my life and laugh. Those moments are typically in the shower... because I do my best thinking and reflecting in there. (and if you didn't just think... "yeah, me too" - you're a liar!)

The moments that I was laughing about tonight are those crazed moments that no one knows are coming before the baby arrives - the kind of moments that when you hear someone is pregnant - before you can get excited for her - you think "bless her heart" or "man... is she in for it!"... yeah those moments!

One that sprang to mind tonight in my 5 minute shower... must be from a time when John was out of town not too long after Tyler was born... or something like that. (It's all a blur at this point) It was the start of our MAJOR complete family battle with the stomach virus...

That particular night - I was feeding Tyler, but I didn't have the monitor with me... we have a video monitor... go with me because this will come back around in a minute. So, I was feeding Tyler and heard James stirring... I didn't think anything of it because initially he wasn't crying. I thought he had sneezed... I finished up feeding Tyler and was putting him back in the bassinet... when I looked over and literally saw James do some sort of Mt. Saint Helen's eruption move on the monitor...

I ran upstairs to make sure that he didn't choke on his *ahem* "lava"... and saw that it was all over him... all over his face, in his hair, in his eyes... I mean literally he shot it straight up and it came right back down. I went to move him and he was so out of it... he didn't even wake up. His body moved where ever I put it, but he never woke up...

Are you ready for this?

There in that moment, I considered leaving him there in his spew because he was sleeping so soundly... and I was so desperately tired. I didn't do it of course, but for a split second - it seemed like the best rational option. Why strip the bed and clean up the baby when he's doing something he so rarely did at that point? Ooooh... how the mind plays with you when you've missed about 8 months of sleep!

Speaking of stripping the bed - is our crib the only one where you have to untie the entire bumper in order to get the sheet out?! Annoying!

There are likely many other moments like that from the last year - but this was the only one that sprang to mind during tonight's shower...


  1. I am right there with you! Same thing happened with pee, in my case :) ha ha ha!

    Our bumper has to be removed too to change the sheets. Sucks.

  2. Mmm, tasty. :) Just kidding. Isn't it amazing how you can look back on something like this months later and finally see the humor in it? I'm sure it wasn't nearly as funny at the time. Just think of the laughs you'll have by the time the boys are teenagers!

  3. This so made me laugh becuase it is so true!!! You need to get the Ultimate Crib invention will never have to remove the bumper again. I bought 4 of them when my kids were like 6 months and still use them today to put by the bed when they have tummy bugs and things like that. Check them out and hang in there. It will get better!

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has those thoughts!!

    Our bumpers have to be untied, too...which means they are now permanently off. ;) The babies have learned how to pull their legs back through the slats if they push them out, so I think we're ok with being bumper-less. They also threw all their pacifiers out the backs of their cribs (which I can't move easily), so we ended up weaning off of paci's accidentally. Silly Mommy didn't realize where they disappeared to, for a very long time!! By the time I found them, the babies didn't want them anymore.

    (BTW...we're not moving. :( I wish we were! My mom is staying indefinitely with her mother, who is ill, and my sister's family moved to town back in August...but left for Kansas City today. So they all came...and then left. Quickly.)

  5. Oh, I remember the days of having to untie bumpers. It drove me nuts. I finally figured out a way to pull the bumpers all the way up and change the sheets, but it was a real pain. I was glad when both boys got to the point of not needing the bumpers anymore.


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