Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Pics

Better late than never, right? Here are some photos from our low-key first Easter with the boys. I know, we're heathens for not taking them to church on the most important day in the year for a Christian... but we did read them their baby Bible book with the story of what Easter is all about. That's more than they'd get in the church nursery. We are still struggling to get everything done that needs to get done in a weekend during this hectic phase of our life... so we just try to do the best we can.

All of that being said - we did do some celebrating with Easter baskets... The weekend was CRAZY busy - starting on Friday with grilling and playing in the pool at my Dad's, then Saturday we celebrated John's mother's birthday and had some Easter baskets given to us by the grandparents, then Sunday we tried to regroup and catch up... so here are some photos of the fun that we managed to fit into our weekend.

 James playing with the basket MawMaw & PawPaw gave him... My Dad & Lynne got them each a little something too... and Aunt Cathi got them each an outfit. Fun stuff!

Still playing... 

So excited!

James can't wait!

 Get down here people... it's time to open this bad boy!

Getting a little help from Missy

Opening James' basket - all that stuff and the kid is STILL playing with the ribbon. Seriously - the ribbon, his pool float, and his one A/V cord that Daddy gave him are his favorite items.  (I'll take a picture of the treasured items when he's done playing today)

James' cement truck and singing thing-a-ma-jig

Daddy reading us the story of Easter

Tyler's dump truck to match James' cement truck

James enjoyed the book so much he decided to read it again on his own.

Tyler got a touch and feel book about baby animals

Tyler with his singing thing-a-ma-jig

James enjoyed removing all the Easter grass from his basket.

Tyler got the 'Twas the Night Before Easter Veggie Tales movie.

I got this set of books at our local grocery store - but they looked so cute - I knew we had to have them.