Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Unfunny "Comedy" of Errors

My poor tiny man, Tyler got sick yesterday. Not just a little sick, but I think this could be counted as our first major illness and high fever with either of the boys. Let me give you a rundown of our day yesterday.

We started off with just a regular normal day... that is until breakfast. Just after feeding the boys their cereal and fruit... I cleaned up, and turned around to see Tyler throwing up most of his breakfast in the high chair. Poor guy threw up so hard that cereal came out his nose. This isn't an entirely uncommon event for Tyler to vomit - so we went on to play in the living room before morning naps.

I gave the boys a little milk before their naps, and everyone went on to take a good 2 hour nap without any other major events. They woke up and had a normal lunch, everything was fine. We went to Target without any events. When we got home though - things turned ugly. I noticed when I got Tyler out of the car that he seemed super warm... so I brought him in, made both boys a bottle, sat down with Ty to give him some milk and take his temp. All this with the thought that we'd get a little drink then go take our afternoon naps.

When I saw Tyler's temp: 101-102, I immediately gave him a bit of Tylenol and a sip or two of milk. Then I called John with the intention of getting Tyler in to the pediatrician, and have John come home to stay with James so that he didn't have to go with us. James had a rough few days teething, and could have used the rest instead. John called the pediatrician that I'd chosen - they wouldn't see us. He called our second choice - they wouldn't see us either.

I loaded up the boys to meet John at the minor medical clinic, only to get there and find out that they don't see babies. They sent us on to a second place - that apparently didn't open until 5PM... it was about 3-3:30 when we got there... so our only other option was to take Ty to the emergency room. We got fast tracked in - which was great.

They took his temp - still 102, so they gave him some motrin on the spot. The doctor examined him - and didn't notice anything - so he ordered a chest x-ray and a urinalysis. Both of these were miserable with a 9 month old. Poor kid. For the chest x-ray... the best thing I can use to describe what I witnessed was like something that looked like baby Jessica trapped in the well...

They put Tyler in this clear tube with his arms up beside his head... and his legs dangling below a table... he cried... and they said that was good because they could determine when to take the x-ray since they couldn't tell him to hold his breath. Ya'll - it was horrible. I wanted to cry too.

When we got back to the room - they put in his catheter to get the urine. Another HORRIBLE experience. A lot of holding him down while they put in the catheter and waited for the sample. It probably only took a couple of minutes, but it seemed like forever! I wasn't that it was done poorly - but it's not easy to watch your 9 month old be put through something like that... and you can't explain it to him... you can't really do anything other than pray that it goes quickly and you can then get back to consoling him.

In all, we were there about 2 hours or so - which is REALLY great compared to what I have been put through with ER trips. (and I'm what they'd call a frequent flyer) James was a trooper - I couldn't have been more proud of him. He hung out in the stroller and played with John... had a snack, and just did really GREAT.

We came home, got James a little dinner and put him to bed. Ty fell asleep in our arms - and we finally went to bed around 10. Ty was up and down most of the night - drinking pedialyte and getting doses of Tylenol. We kept him in our room so that we could be close to him if he had any problems.

This morning he is doing really well, we've moved to a mix of pedialyte and a tiny bit of formula... he's tolerating it well. He doesn't seem to have any fever this morning either... so I'm going to let him nap upstairs on his crib mattress - I think he sleeps better up there. So, here's to praying that both boys are feeling better again by the weekend. It's been a rough couple of days - but we've gotten some good cuddling in.


  1. poor boys! Hope he feels better soon!

  2. Hope he feels better soon! I had to watch 2 of my babies (at different times) in those chest x-ray 'holders' - and yep, I did cry. It was awful on the parental side! I'm feeling for you!

  3. I'm getting caught up on my reading. :) I felt so badly for you when I read about this on fb - but reading the whole experience makes me sick. How awful for Tyler!! (And Mama, too.) I am so sorry that you all went through this. :(


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