Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things Thursday - Slow Cooker

Today's favorite thing is a 3-in-1 slow cooker. This is what I have and use often... it has a 2 quart, 4 quart, and 6 quart bowl so you can adjust depending on what you're cooking. We originally got it a few years ago when I was getting ready to have weight loss surgery - we knew that our cooking volume would slow down a bit because I couldn't eat much... so we needed an option that would allow us to adjust depending on if we were cooking for ourselves or for company.

Now with the kids, I could see us using it the same depending on if I'm making a dessert, side dish, or main dish. I really like using this cooking method because the meat tends to end up more tender with the low and slow cooking method - which is easier on James as he's learning to eat table food. Tyler is getting there quickly too - so I love to do my spaghetti sauces and things in here just to get all of our meat nice and soft for them to chew.

Throwing dinner in the crock pot while the boys are watching their morning Baby Einstein after breakfast makes the day so easy... it's one big chore taken care of and out of the way... which means I can do something else during nap time - like blog! If you want to help me out... I'd love to hear about your favorite slow cooker recipes! I'm not a fan of BBQ - so keep those to a minimum, but if your recipe is "to die for" go ahead and leave it for the benefit of everyone else reading. 

I love sharing recipes... so let me know what the favorites are in your family!