Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm so sorry that have been missing this week. We were out of town for our last meeting with our adoption agency - or well... our last formal seminar. We'll never be done meeting with them or getting their help when we have questions or James has questions.

Anyway, we had our last formal seminar for his adoption process and combined it with Tyler's birthday party. So I've got tons of photos and things I want to blog about. Of course though, when we returned from our trip... our internet service went out. Joy!

I've been working on getting that fixed, and have been running around like a crazy woman for other errands that need to get done. Then, if that doesn't beat it all... I had a HORRIBLE appointment at the dentist today... lets just say that it's going to be painful and expensive. I'm so upset about it, and really just want to go to bed and wake up tomorrow.

On top of that, with my couch to 5K program - I've hurt my knees and shins. The were bothering me a little bit last week, but after doing my workout on our trip... without my treadmill... they are screaming at me. Picture me hobbling around and barely able to walk. Good times... when you've got two little guys to carry up and down the stairs multiple times a day. I worked out today for the first time this week, and modified the program a bit with varying speeds of walking instead of any jogging... we'll see how that goes.

The word for today in my mind is suckage... so it's highly unlikely that I'll get any blogging done until sometime tomorrow. If all of that doesn't beat it, I'm currently watching James sing in his crib after only sleeping 30 minutes at MDO... while Tyler slept 2 hours at school and is currently "out like a light" - amazing!

I have tons I want to tell you guys about and regular posts that I missed writing this week, but I'll be back as soon as I can... if not by tomorrow - I'll for sure be back on Monday with TONS to tell you.


  1. That Couch to 5K is rough!! I did the whole thing right before I got pregnant with Braylen and since then I haven't managed to get through week 2!

  2. Wishing you a little peace and calm today my friend! Big hugs.


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