Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whirlwind or Tidal Wave

I'm not sure whether I'm caught up in a whirlwind or a tidal wave these days - but man... the last couple of weeks have been brutal! For labor day, we took our first road trip with both of the boys. To say that we're not good travelers might be an understatement.

We drove the first day in the afternoon/night - which we thought might be a good plan because the boys might sleep. Notsomuch. James is not a good car sleeper - and Tyler even had some difficulty which I found amazing. He's always been such a good sleeper in the car, but then again we've never been in it that long before.

We had a good few days away, but along the way we caught some sort of stomach bug (James) and a cold (Tyler) - well... the cold eventually made its way to all of us. We're still trying to get rid of it! So there we were, having to drive back home with a terrible diaper rash and a cold.

To say that it took us quite a bit more time to get home - would be generous. We had to do 5 poopy diaper changes for each of the boys... 3 wardrobe changes for James, and two meals. It was brutal. The drive back though we started in the morning and finished by bedtime - so it did go better. They got frustrated with all the getting out and back in the carseats, but overall - I'd say that the traveling went a bit better.

When we got home though, Tyler had a projectile vomiting experience - so we had to deal with that along with unloading the car and getting James to bed. We finally got everyone down, and that was the end of it. Craziness!

I took the boys to the pediatrician after we got home, and that was another crazy ordeal - we waited 2 hours to see her. Which I think is totally ridiculous. I mean if they were 7 years old it would still be rude and unprofessional... but with babies - it's downright wrong! We finally saw her, and got a prescription... only to get to the pharmacy and find out that they didn't have the medicine in stock. Nice, right?

I left the pharmacy at about 1:30 with two babies who hadn't had lunch or a nap...and desperately needed both. We left with the understanding that they'd call the doctor and get a substitute prescription and I was going to have John pick it up on his way home. That didn't happen - because the doctor never would call the pharmacy back - even after I called and got a little rowdy with the nurse. It wasn't until 8PM that we finally got through after two calls to the after hours answering service...

So here we are almost a week later, and I'm starting to see signs of things getting better on the cold front.

In other news though, James might just be breaking into the terrible 2s - already. He is climbing on everything, and has recently stopped understanding what the word NO means. He pushes Tyler down... and is just generally defiant. On top of that, he has stopped eating. I mean, boy won't chew. He just spits out anything with any substance. So I've been forced into feeding him baby food again... just to get something into him.

Help me!!! Serenity Now! All of this... and Tyler is turning 1 in like 2 weeks!

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  1. Hang in there! Maybe James is reacting to all the changes with new eating habits. Hopefully it isn't a sore throat or something like that.


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