Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Trip

This past weekend, my MOPS group took over a local pumpkin patch for the morning... and it was a great time. My kiddos didn't last long - it was hot, and right at nap time... but we got some good photos just the same.

This is my favorite photo from the day, all four of us together - everyone looking at the camera... amazing! Even if the boys don't look very happy about it. HAHA!

For reference, this is our pumpkin patch photo from last year... Tyler was just barely out of the hospital, and James just barely sitting up... what a difference a year makes, right? I remember this day so vividly - I think John was still off work from having Ty, and we went during the week - so we were the only ones there. 

 Here is Mr. Tyler this year - his facial expressions crack me up... he's just so animated! HAHA! I'm sure he was laughing, but the face doesn't quite show that.

James just walking everywhere - he kept getting down and crawling though... I guess to get his hands into everything. Check out those dirty knees!

Swinging... he loved it. He wasn't thrilled when we made him let Ty have a turn. Oh, sibling rivalry... it's alive and well in our house. 

Ty's turn... he hated swinging last time we took them to the park - but this time went much better. I'm not sure that he totally loved it, but he didn't look like we were beating him this time either - so it's progress.

Those eyes... he's just such a sweet little guy. Easy going, happy to be around anyone & everyone. Funny thing, I just realized that those eyes... they are 100% mine. I never realized it, but they are exactly like mine. Finally a little piece of him looks like me! 

My little silly man, he hasn't ever really gotten too excited about taking pictures before - but this night... he just kept hamming it up. He is our more demanding little fellow... if he doesn't like something, he'll let you know - quickly and loudly. Every once in a while though, he slows down enough to cuddle - and is just one of the sweetest little guys I've ever known.

They're starting to play together these days, which is both a blessing and a curse. There is lots of toy stealing, but Tyler is just so easy going - he doesn't really much care. Mom is usually there to give him something else to play with - which then gets stolen too... rinse, lather, repeat. 

Within the last couple of days, Tyler has started standing and walking on his own. He's not 100% there yet, but he's getting better and stronger every day. Right now we're at about 2-3 steps before he falls, but it's already getting interesting. Kids into everything. Tyler also has instantly started climbing too - which James didn't do right away... he's just getting into that right now - I guess bad behavior deserves company... so I'm constantly trying to pluck them from whatever they are on top of - so that no one falls down.

I'm guest posting over on Between the Lines today - Laura is on vacation, and allowed me to write something for her so that she could take a much needed break from all things blog related. Please go over and read, you'll love Laura - she's super duper sweet, funny, a great cook, a super photographer, and has one of the cutest baby boys I've seen - next to mine of course. :-)You should go check out what I wrote, but also stick around and get to know Laura too.

I'm working on the details of the Fall Recipe Swap with a Twist... so look for news of it to come tomorrow or Friday.


  1. Hi Kim! Just found your blog through Laura's blog. Do you have a twitter account?

  2. Thanks again for guest-posting. I love the photos! How fun is fall?! Love it.


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