Monday, November 7, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

I'm shocked that this is my first post in November. I remember sitting here last weekend, thinking that I would post every day in November... guess that didn't happen. The last couple weeks have been a blur with me not feeling well... trying to keep the boys cared for, and the house basically running. (even if it's barely running)

I spent the better part of the last two weeks feeling nauseated and exhausted - which lead to a quickly resolved pregnancy scare. We are not pregnant, and for the first time in my life - that information is actually given with a great sigh of relief. I absolutely without question want another child (I'd have two more) but as I was faced with the possibility of 3 kids under 3 years of age... I was terrified. Ya'll, honestly - most days the two I've got kick my butt and ware me out beyond being able to put together a sentence by bedtime. Adding another to the mix is down right insanity!

So with that, we survived through Halloween... which is our least favorite holiday in this house. I'm not a huge fan of having strangers come up to my door - and yes, I know they're kids. I'm not a fan of taking candy from strangers either - one of my friends on Twitter said it best "One night of fun...and weeks of retraining the kids that taking candy from strangers is bad." We don't know anyone local yet - so trick or treating at the homes of people we know isn't really an option. I don't know what we'll do next year. In the end, we gave out candy while the boys played in the garage... and I battled guilt that I hadn't dressed them up to take them out. I guess next year, I'll lose that battle.

John took off a couple of days this week - so we got to spend some time together while the boys were at school... complete with lunch. Ya'll, I can't tell you the last time I went to a restaurant and ate food while it was hot... and didn't have to worry about our noise level or feeding anyone else. Wait, yes I can... it was the week that I came to Memphis to look at houses! We then spent Friday shopping with the boys - Momma got some great new tops for my winter wardrobe... of which I didn't have before Friday's shopping. Still on the lookout for a good coat. I don't have so much as a jacket - so I've got to get something soon.

It was my intention to get a lot of blog posts scheduled this weekend and get caught back up - but it didn't happen. We tried to get everything adjusted for Daylight Savings Time... which worked out alright - until we woke up to James covered in vomit. Good times. We've tried giving him the B.R.A.T. diet today - and he nibbled some, but the main noticeable difference is that he's not drinking much. We gave him some of the Miralax that our wonderful pediatrician back in Houston told me to use with him - and we'll see how things go tomorrow. I pray that we're not headed back to the pediatrician - because I truly can't have a sick baby this week... Momma is scheduled for a root canal on Thursday and I need to get that over with. Prayers would be appreciated.

I'm behind on a couple of things:
1) my Fall Recipe Blog Swap needs my attention... so I will be emailing the participants directly in the early part of this week.
2) The winner of the jewelry giveaway is Katie Waters - she's chosen the yellow necklace - so the purple and the pink are still up for grabs in my Etsy store.
3) I will choose the winners of the Shutterfly giveaway and announce them by Tuesday morning.

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