Friday, February 10, 2012

Tell Me It Will Happen

I've got all these dreams in my head of things I want to do with the boys... educational and fun things... but right now we barely get out of the house. It's insanity if we do and the boys aren't buckled into their stroller. Truly. It's not something I can deal with alone - they instantly go in different directions.

I just want to know that somewhere in all of this - we will find a balance enough where we can do fun things together. Somewhere along the way - I'd like to be able to take them to do the things I'd planned.

I want to be able to:
- Go to story time at Barnes & Nobles or the library
- Go to the Children's Museum
- Go to the Arboretum
- Go to the park and have a picnic
- Find somewhere to feed the ducks
- Go to the Peabody Hotel to watch the ducks march to the fountain

I'm sure there are so many other things that I just haven't thought of yet - but I just don't know if I'm holding us back or if the boys are just too young still and I'm getting ahead of myself. What other things should I be planning to do with these crazy boys when they get older?


  1. I say do it all girl! We love to feed the of our favorites!

  2. I get nervous taking my ONE out alone so I can't imagine TWO. Don't feel bad, I think it's just the age and a phase. Things will get better as they mature and learn how to behave in public....I hope. eek!

  3. My youngest is the same age as your James. We don't take her out to eat unless it is Burger King! :) But she loves to be outside, so walks and time at the park are fun. Or just exploring the backyard.
    This year I took my kindergartener on a 'leaf' walk in the fall. All my kids loved this - pick up leaves of different sizes and shapes, talk about the trees they came from, dry them or press them, or make a craft from them.
    Of course the zoo is always fun in small doses!
    And I'll bet with two active boys sports will play a role in your life in a few years!
    Have fun!!

  4. I take mine out all of the time. You have to teach them how to act or they will never learn and you will never go out. Start small. Go with one stroller and work with James walking with you holding your hand. ALWAYS hold his hand in a parking lot. He will get to the point where he won't walk until he is holding a hand. Then once he is good to go, try it with Tyler. Another place you can start them walking and obeying is with their MDO. Don't rely on the stroller, but teach them to stay with you. Give firm instructions and lots of positive reinforcement when they are doing well. As far as putting them in their carseats without a stroller- there's two ways to do this: Do the runner/wiggler first. Sandwich the other one between your car and your legs while you buckle the wiggler. You will instantly know if the one down at your legs has wandered off. Or you can put James in first on Tyler's side and have him crawl into his seat while you buckle Tyler. He is old enough to do this. Then after Tyler is buckled, go buckle James.
    If you don't get out now, it really doesn't get easier until about 4-5. You are about to enter some serious temper tantrum ages. Just start small and remember you can always leave. Also, YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Be firm. Yell STOP if someone runs off and if they don't listen give them a consequence. You can definitely feed ducks, go to the park and have a picnic and do the zoo or arboretum for about an hour. Now, story time, that is whole another story :)


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