Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whoa Nelly

I'm taking a moment to tell you guys about this monster headache that has plagued me now for two days. It's completely nuts.

Have you ever dealt with toddlers while wanting to curl up in the fetal position while sitting in a quiet dark room? You know that headache where you literally feel like if someone breathes in your general direction you might just crumble under the pressure... that's the one.

Today I'm resorting to Midol and a large Sonic iced tea... neither seem to be touching the pain. I can't tell if it's more a hormone issue or if it has more to do with the weather being completely bi-polar this year. Either way - it stinks and I'm ready for it to be over.

It makes me want to spend nap time with my eyes closed, but I really have things to get done... but today, I'm giving in... I'm saying "uncle" and going to lay down while the boys are down for their naps. I'm going to pray that the activities I have planned for them keep them entertained enough during the awake hours to keep them relatively quiet and occupied.

It's times like this that being a stay at home Mom sucks. There really aren't any sick days... and you're pretty much on call at a moment's notice all day long. I certainly wouldn't trade the job for anything in the world, but today - I kinda wish that we had a day care to take them to so that momma could take something stronger than Midol or Tylenol to combat this pounding in my head.

What are your best headache remedies?


  1. Lots of water always helps my headaches a little more. Did you try Excedrin? That's the headache medicine, after all :)

  2. i always take some bengay or tylneol rub and put it on my back of my neck and temples. sometimes it helps relax those muscles and helps the headache

  3. I was just reading over at MckMama's site about some supplements she's been taking that help with headaches. I didn't really look at it in-depth, but it's funny you were talking about it right after I read it! Might be something to look into. Feel better! :)

  4. Did I put the link? I can't remember.

  5. Chocolate or coffee, Advil, a dark room, warm compress on my head, and another thing I do is soak my feet in warm water to get the blood flowing in the opposite direction. I also try to visualize the blood flowing to my fingertips & toes and OUT of the pounding in my head. Hope you are feeling better!


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