Sunday, April 1, 2012

Honesty is Best

Well, I've got to come clean - lately catching my breath and getting a minute of complete silence... is trumping this little blog of mine. I miss writing desperately, but I've been under the weather - and every minute I can shut my eyes and relax - is taking priority.

These little dudes that I'm raising are kicking my butt lately - which makes my baby fever take a little bit of a break. I desperately want a little pink princess to add to the mix around here - but I can wait a bit longer until she comes along. I'll totally change my tune on that later this year, I'm sure... but today... oiy!

I've got a ton of posts to get prepared and ready for your viewing pleasure - and had all plans to sit down and bang out a few of those at nap time today - but once again my eyes are heavy... and the kids threw me for a loop wanting to go back up for naps at 9:30 this morning! What in the world? I was shocked when James demanded - literally threw a fit - to go upstairs and get in bed. Tyler was right behind him... so we went with it.

I'm sure this means that our afternoon will kick everyone in the tail, but we'll see... maybe we can get two naps out of them today? I've got to menu plan and I want to get these posts started... so I plan on being back around this part of the net a bit later today.

For now... I'm going to join the ol' kitty cat and shut my eyes for a bit. Big hugs to you all, I miss writing and hearing from you. In the mean time, make sure you checked out the posts that I did for the other blogs around the world - I've been told that the piece I wrote for House of Rose was one of the best I've ever written.

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  1. Ahh honey TAKE a nap! I do enjoy reading your blog but a momma needs a break too!


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