Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

For Mother's Day weekend, my Mom came to visit us from Texas. She hadn't seen the boys since Christmastime, and they thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her. They took to her instantly, and were all smiles. Sadly, when she had to go home - they kept looking for her for a day or two.

She came in on Thursday while the boys were supposed to be at school, but since they were sick last week... they were actually here at the house with John. We let them just play and enjoy some time with Nana on Thursday evening.

Friday, we headed to the zoo after a lazy morning and naps. The boys actually made it through the whole zoo - which we hadn't done before. Normally, we only make it through half the zoo in a trip... so this was an extra treat. Here are some photos from our day at the zoo.

Saturday, we had another lazy morning. While the boys were napping though, Mom and I went shopping for a few minutes. She wanted to get the boys a little table & chairs... and ended up getting them a play grill too. We came home and while we waited for the boys to wake up - we got the toys put together for them. After they woke up, we headed off to have an early dinner at Benihana - and then home for some frozen custard and more play time before bed.

For Mother's Day, we had to get Mom to the airport fairly early in the morning - so we headed off for a nice breakfast at the Cracker Barrel before dropping her off. The boys cried most of the way home from the airport - so we know that they are ready for Nana to come back to visit again soon!

As a side note, we had to adjust our table for a bit - we had a couple of spills out of the chairs on Sunday afternoon... so we've taken the chairs away for a little bit and are using our Pottery Barn chairs instead. They can stand in the Pottery Barn chairs and be at the same height as they would be sitting in the other chairs. We will work with them and when they're comfortable with the other chairs again - we'll set it back up as it is intended.

The grill is STILL a big hit even almost a week later... it's so cute to see them playing like they're cooking us dinner. Of course they "cook" other things too - I've seen some of our animals from our Little People Zoo on the grill this week too. HA!

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