Thursday, August 9, 2012

1st Day of School

I really don't have many words... the cute speaks for itself!

Sweet Tyler wasn't too sure about this backpack business

James loved it, and in fact was really upset that he had to take it off to get in the car.

Walking to the car... so big and so little all at the same time.

Big boy just walked in and started playing - he loves this kitchen. So cute! I hope that he's been a good boy. It's his first time eating at a table without a high chair, and first time napping on the floor. We could have some cranky boys on our hands tonight!

Ty wasn't so confident, but didn't cry either - they took him from Daddy and I got one more picture before we left...

Sweet kiddo, it's his first time eating at a table and napping on the floor too. He is a bit less active though - so I suspect that he wouldn't put up as much of an argument about napping. We shall see in a little over an hour.

Mommy spent the morning at the orthopedic surgeon's... but I did get my steroid shot in the joint... which hurts like hell, but in the end... if it helps me be able to pick up a sippy from under the couch without crying... it's worth it. If it's not better in a month, he wants to do an MRI to see if I have a torn rotator cuff.