Sunday, October 14, 2012

Silent Auction Item: Scentsy 6 Pack (2)

Additionally, don't forget you can also shop my Scentsy party in their name, or my Velata party in their name - 100% of my commissions from these parties is being donated to the scholarship fund this month as well. 
Scentsy 6 Pack (2)
Estimated Value: $25
Description of Item: The Scentsy 6 pack is a bundle of 6 scent bars for our warmers - you will get to choose your 6 scents from my inventory... and if I don't have the scent you want, I'll order it for you! I have an extensive inventory of both current and retired scents -- so the sky is the limit on what you can have to warm in your home.
This auction is open to US & Canadian bidders only.

The starting bid will be $10, and each bid should be in increments of $1. So if the bid before yours is $19 - please bid $20.

Bidding will happen in the comments, and please include your name, bid, and PayPal email for invoicing if you win.

The auction will close at 10PM EST, and the highest bidder will be chosen as the winner. Once the auction hosts have received payment - I will work with you to get your selections, and get your item shipped out directly from Scentsy!
Be sure to check out the full list of auction items by visiting any of these ladies that are hosting the auction:


  1. Jamie Zinck;; $20

  2. $35 Tiff

    1. Tiff, be sure to leave your PayPal email for the ladies doing the invoicing. :-) Thanks for your bid!!


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