Friday, November 2, 2012

The Hits Keep On Coming...

When I woke up this morning, I knew something wasn't right... I didn't want to jump to conclusions too quickly - so I stayed in bed trying to wait it out and see if I was just stiff from sleeping funny. After about 30-45 minutes, I couldn't wait anymore.

I woke John up and told him that something was wrong. He was going to get the boys up to take me to the ER, but I was able to spare us the trouble and drove myself to the ER. I was having some really bad pain in my back on my right side and knew it just wasn't normal.

I got to the ER, and of course in the amount of pain I was in... my blood pressure was through the roof. That seemed to the the only thing they were initially worried about... because they certainly were quick to push medicine for that. I knew if they found the source of the pain, it would come down.

Things went from bad to worse when they decided to run some blood work -- because the nurse blew out two of my veins before we finally got someone else to try to get my IV started. In the process of all that, I got super nauseated -- which isn't uncommon for me as things spiral and go wrong. One of the veins just pumped blood into my arm all morning - and looks pretty gnarly tonight!

They finally got things going, and the blood work showed that I had a UTI... but that wasn't all -- I ended up showing kidney stones as well before the day was done.

When I talked to the doctor, she told me that I couldn't have anything more than Tylenol unless I was going to have someone pick me up from the hospital. Not a problem, I was going to have John bring the boys to pick me up when I was ready... but no.

The nurse came back not too long after and told me that I couldn't have the meds unless someone was in the room with me. Good times. You think my blood pressure isn't going to skyrocket when you force my two toddlers to sit in the room with me?!

Luckily, it took some time for the boys to get there -- long enough for me to get my dose of antibiotics, and be basically ready to go... but James still made his presence known when he got there. His experience at that hospital must have been memorable because he literally lost it when they pulled into the parking lot. Poor buddy.

John lit into the hospital staff for this complete waste of everyone's time... and to add insult to injury -- they made such a big deal about giving me the meds, but they didn't wheel me out to the car. They didn't walk us out to the car. They did absolutely NOTHING to make sure that I didn't get in my car in the parking lot and drive home.

I find that insane. They would have been much better off wheeling me out and putting me in the car... what a joke.

I've been laying low and pushing fluids for the rest of today... the funniest part was them giving me a work release for 2 days. Who am I going to give that to? The boys?! HAHAHA!! Lay off of Mommy boys -- I've got a work release!

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