Saturday, December 15, 2012

Help for Sandy Hook Students

In light of the horrible tragedy in Connecticut yesterday, Scentsy consultants are coming together to try to do something neat for the surviving students upon their arrival back at school after the holidays. Our goal is to have a Scentsy Buddy sitting on the desk of every student upon returning to school next month (hopefully excess for siblings and friends that were also impacted).

How awesome would it be for a HUGE truckload of these Buddies be delivered for these kids? 

A fellow Scentsy consultant who teaches at Sandy Hook is collecting the donations since we are unable to send directly to the school during the investigation. Scentsy Buddies are currently BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE, so your donation would be going to two children at Sandy Hook Elementary. ($26.91 buys two buddies) If you order, please order from the "Sandy Hook Students" party on my website. (You can PayPal me the $$ for the donation, and I'll save you the shipping costs) All hostess rewards will be used to donate additional Buddies to the students along with any commission I earn from this fundraiser. My website is 

 ** Any other Scentsy reps that would like to help -- let me know and I'll send you the address for the hostess information.

Thank you so much for helping support these students and this community during this horrible time. Please continue to pray not only for Newtown, CT, but our nation as a whole.

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  1. My name is Taira Hanna and I'm a Scentsy Consultant. I wouldl love to help out any way possible. My e-mail address is Please send me the address so that I can start collecting buddies for this cause! Thank you so much!


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