Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Caution, Wet Floor

Spring Break is going to be the death of me... I promise. With my kids, it truly is not for the weak... and only makes me more scared for the break between the school year and summer session -- then again for the break between the summer session and next school year. Sigh.

I had all these plans to break up our errands and at least get out of the house the first couple of days this week because it's still cold. It's also not really dry enough after the entire afternoon of rain we got on Sunday to play outside or go to the park.

So yesterday, we went to Office Depot to get some labels and index cards I needed -- I let the boys walk with me instead of riding since I only needed two items. One item for each child to carry, right? Yeah -- you know how this goes. It was a lot of carrying said item until they saw something new -- drop original item -- grab for new item -- redirection from Mom -- rinse lather and repeat. All was good until the checkout line, where I needed to have 8 arms to keep them in the correct location. Instead, while I swiped my debit card... my kids went around and were opening & closing the drink cooler about 15,000 times. I'm just those judgy looks and eyerolls from the other customers were directed at me, but I still considered this trip a minor win overall... it could have been MUCH worse.

Today, we made a few stops... Starbucks -- you'll understand the need for this by the end of this post. Target for James some new shoes -- he has finally grown a size. Tyler is still 2-3 sizes ahead of him. I was able to look at a few things for the Easter Bunny to bring to these little guys. Our last stop was for gas for my big Momma bus... thanks to Kroger for the $.60 off each gallon though!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring -- maybe it'll finally be time for the park.

So back to today -- we have a routine for school days where the boys get up, come downstairs for new diapers and a glass of milk, then breakfast, get dressed, and off we go... this routine allows for me to get dressed and get their clothes while they are still buckled in their high chairs. I tried laying off of this routine for Spring Break, but you'll soon find out why I will NEVER do it again.

This morning, I let the boys come into the living room to get dressed, but I needed 2 minutes to throw on my own clothes and gather theirs. Sigh. This is where things went terribly wrong. Normally, they would lay on the floor and try to stick their hands under the door -- not today, friends.

Picture me coming out of my bedroom to two completely naked little boys riding on their pillow racers (we have the firetruck & airplane), I start to get my signature Mom growl going only to then hit the floor after I slip in a huge puddle on the floor. Ya'll, my little men had taken their diapers off and literally peed all over my entry way. The following moments were a blur of picking myself up off the floor while trying to figure out what I slipped in... Tyler screaming "JJ tee tee floor!!", and trying to figure out what to do next: A) get them dressed first or B) mop the floor first. Judging by the three puddles I found -- there is NO way that only one of them did it...

I do know deep down that it could have been worse -- as pee is one body fluid that amongst the competition is at least less smelly, gross, and harmful... Lord knows my floor has been barfed on more times than any wood floor should have been barfed on... and truly -- thank goodness they didn't poop!

After the shock, pain, and cleanup was done... I did at least find the humor in the situation. This leaves the score as... Spring Break/Children: 1 ---- Mom: 0


  1. I feel horrible laughing, and am certainly glad you are okay, but that is some FUNNY stuff, girlfriend!

    PS - there's still time to even the score. :)

  2. Funny in my mind, but I bet that really hurt!! :(


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