Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day in the Life - 2015

Here is what our typical morning looks like for homeschool -- after breakfast and getting dressed of course. Ok, I'm keeping it real... some of us choose to stay in our pajamas during school time. We typically start school at 10:00 and go until we are finished -- most days it only takes us an hour and a half in the classroom -- then we are free to go explore in the world. Whether that be doing chores, field trips, park days, sports, or whatever the day brings... we are always learning. 

I took some videos of my kiddos practicing their first 4 parts of the day -- because the other parts of the day vary in what we are discussing, reading, or doing. 

Keep in mind that we are a work in progress -- and I took these because I wanted them to see what they look like in the classroom. It's certainly FAR from perfect, but I'm hoping that by the end of the year... these things look a whole lot better! 

Here is our classroom for those that haven't seen the amazing bulletin boards & white board my sweet husband built for us. 

Here is our video of practicing the rules... someone tell me that they will eventually FOLLOW these rules rather than just recite them. Sigh. 

Immediately following this we do our calendar time, talk about the days of the week, months of the year, and seasons too. 

Next comes our memory verse and daily prayer -- this is new to them, so it's a work in progress for sure... as well as proper attention and form when praying.

This is the prayer that I'm reading from daily until they memorize it, in case anyone else would like to use it.
Here was our first memory verse of the year -- they started it last year and mostly remembered it. Transitioning to a new verse has been challenging.

Next we say our pledge which I still think is super important for them to know even if most kids in their generation won't have much experience with saying it daily. We are learning that we need to show respect while doing the pledge as well by not jumping around like little apes.

I know I'm biased, but considering 12 months ago one of these guys was having hallucinations because of his medications -- we've come a long way! We're in week 4 of our school year, and I'm immensely proud of them. We are only 5 & 1/2 and 4 (he'll be 5 in a couple weeks) -- which I have a hard time remembering daily as I likely expect far too much from them. I hope this gives y'all a good look at how things go every school day in our house.

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