Monday, January 11, 2016

Menu Monday - Trim Healthy Mama 1

We decided to move up our plan to going full force this week -- so here is our menu plan -- lunches are blank for the first couple of days because I just wasn't ready to plan those quite yet. I'm struggling with figuring out what will make the best plan for lunches at least until we get some leftovers to rotate in for lunches. 

It'll be a bit of a work in progress for a few days/weeks while we get used to this... sort of like remembering to eat every 3-4 hours -- I'm just not normally that regimented -- so I'm going to have to adjust my way of thinking. For instance, I need to go eat a snack here immediately because I completely forgot. 

Part of that is because I feel like crud -- and have all weekend. I'll have to work through that before I gain full control over all of this.

I'm excited to try out some of these recipes this week though, and test out our alternative dessert snacks. They sound pretty good, and I'm also excited to see if I can fool Tyler with the Chocolate Zucchini Cake this weekend. 

I bought a TON of vegetables yesterday, but we load up on those in just about every meal - so I just hope that it was enough. 

I made sure to get some good quality cocoa powder. I've made the switch to Stevia instead of my old standby of Splenda. I'm so glad I did after reading what the worst sweetners for your body are. 8 Best and Worst Sweeteners for your health  -- sad that my old standby is the #2 worst for your health... and I always believed the absolute worst was Sweet 'n Low, but that's actually #3. Making the switch away from Splenda has been pretty easy for me - I got some H-E-B packets of Stevia which are approved for the THM plan and other than some small issues with getting it to dissolve -- it's been great. I will do my best to rid our house from the pink packets too -- but that might take a little longer.

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