Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pilates is from the Devil

When I started 21 Day Fix on August 1st -- I would have told you that I expected for Pilates to be one of the easier workouts in the program. Boy, was I WRONG! It's not a lot of cardio so you're not getting your heart rate up quite like you are with the other workouts... but you sure feel the BURN! It is physically demanding in ways that I never even expected to be thinking about.
In addition, I want to give Autumn a friendly slap every time I hear her say the words "Bonus Round" -- I mean really. Just own that extra and put it in there with the rest of it. If I'm going to be doing 5 rounds -- that's cool, it's still only a 30 minute workout... but lets just be honest upfront and say "5 Rounds with however many exercises in each round" -- then I don't get into a "stabby" emotional place. 

It's all good though, I'm proud that I've kept up for the most part... and as she says each time I do a little more than I did the first time, and I call it a WIN. The fact that I've worked out now for 12 days straight and haven't quit... it's HUGE for me. 

I'm always ALL or NOTHING with my approach to fitness/lifestyle in the past -- NOT this time! So the fact that I haven't worn myself completely out or given up totally is a major accomplishment in itself. I'm focused right now solely on my workouts, and making better food choices -- next time around I'll hit the food choices harder -- in that I'm trying to work most of the processed foods out of our house without throwing a ton away upfront and losing a lot of money. 

Anyone else out there done that? I mean every time I try to start something new, I go all out and throw away half of my pantry -- only to make it a few weeks and then bring back in those forbidden foods. I'm done with that -- I'm being more realistic and taking note of all that I'm eating to make choices based on my calorie allotment for the day. For now, I'm planning meals and things based on what we have -- but soon I will be moving to whole foods and trying to make most of those things on my own or what I can't make -- getting the best product that I can afford for our family. 

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