Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Scripture and Loving One Another

I've been reading and hearing about the Jen Hatmaker interview for a couple of weeks now, and I have definitely got some thoughts on this.

I don't even really want to go there because I think that her position is just a bit outside of what the Bible commands of us. Ultimately, we all are sinners in every aspect of life... we all fall short of the example of Christ, but that doesn't mean that we as Christ followers need to stay quiet on the subject either.

I think that the Bible commands us to tell someone when they are about to jump off of a bridge, but to do so lovingly and with complete regard for the person's heart. Meaning that the Bible is clear on what is right and wrong, but it is also clear on things like redemption. We all sin differently, and that is what makes us human.

Where we go wrong is how we deliver the message of the Bible. Sometimes it is not an easy message to hear, because we all tend to read it while using the lens making our own sin okay. I feel like some of us are aware of our sins while others tend to say to themselves, "My sin isn't as bad as theirs, so I'm okay." If only it worked that way.

Here is the thing about the Bible... it is the same today as it was thousands of years ago... the base message hasn't changed. So we can't filter it on what society thinks is okay in 2016 -- it is the same message of right and wrong from all those years ago. I shutter to think what some of these incredible biblical figures would say about all of the petty things that we are dealing with in 2016.

The insanity of the whole safe rooms on college campuses and the constantly offended culture we have today is just beyond the imaginable. Why is it that we can't disagree on things today without having a march and tear gas being needed? What happened to the days when we disagreed, and everyone went on about their day without having to scream and yell to defend your opposing viewpoints?

It's okay to disagree. One dear friend of mine and I are at complete odds over the whole Jen Hatmaker saga, but we can still love each other and respect our differing viewpoints.

Ultimately, what the whole Jen Hatmaker deal is about is that you can't change the scripture to fit 2016 society. You can't decide, this is now okay -- even though the Bible says that it is not. The main issue I have with her is that she does so with people knowing she is a Christian writer and speaker, so she has a large audience that has to hold her accountable when her message isn't what we believe to be the truth. Now, how you choose to handle it is completely up to you. You can choose to love all as you would hope that they would love you -- OR -- you can spew hate that makes everyone think that Christians are a bunch of bullies with Bibles.

I personally, choose the former as my point of view. As with any sin, I can't possibly know about someone else and their relationship with Christ. People that go to church on a weekly basis, can just as easily be living a lie as someone that doesn't go to church. You just never know what is in someone's heart -- so it's a dangerous assumption.

You just have to love others as they are part of your family, and know that one day, they will meet their maker too. They alone will deal with the choices they made, and they have to know for themselves where they will end up. It's not for us to judge or even condemn them for.

I just wish that everyone would stop making the opposing view point the villain in their own story, just remember that the people with those opposing view points are people that deserve to be loved too.

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