Thursday, January 12, 2017

Journey of Loving my Family Well

Can I take a second to laugh at my boy, Tyler... I mean that boy gets so weird in front of the camera... he almost always looks like his eyes are about to pop out of his skull.

This year, I'm seeking out ways to love my family in more tangible ways -- to be present and love them in more effective ways.

How do I want to do that -- I'm thinking of Bible studies with John; daily devotions with the boys; date nights with John at least monthly; date nights with the boys.

I was thinking that the boy's date nights would work by dividing and concurring... i.e. James goes out with Mom one month then Dad the next month... and the same with Tyler. That way each of them has a special time with one of us each month.

I gave John a year of planned out dates as part of his Christmas gift -- so we just have to choose a day each month to accomplish them. I'm hoping that by the end of the month we can get January's date planned, but he is still working around the clock on a big project at work -- so hopefully it will wind up soon.

We got the One Year Devotional for Preschoolers 2


For our first trial run of doing this -- I wanted something very simple and short that we could read while they are having their dinner at night. Just a 2-3 minute talk and hopefully it will get them talking about things that the reading bring to their mind. 

Next up, I need to find a Bible study for John and I to work on together. We did get a really cool journal for Christmas -- so we're going to be working on that this year too. 


Those are some of my initial ideas for how I can work toward trying to be more dialed in with my family. Of course there are others that I am looking into -- so I'll let you know about those as I learn more.

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