Saturday, December 8, 2018

Heart of a Mother: A Gift and A Miracle

Since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of writing a book. I never really knew what it would be about, until much later when my life became so much more than what I would have ever imagined. Through all the tough times, we just keep pushing forward... all while God was weaving the most incredible tapestry within our story. 

The book is based on our story from our meeting through our struggle to become parents, but there is so much more woven into this story. There is something for everyone to hopefully glean from these pages. In addition, I've added discussion questions so that you could use it as a part of a book study with a book club or a group of friends. My hope is that by reading our story, you'd learn the power of leaning into God and never EVER giving up. 

About the book: How often can you look back on the most difficult times of your life, only to catch a glimpse that they were already preordained by an amazing God? In this powerful journey through their many challenges, you will experience one family’s incredible story of struggle and triumph to parenthood. Be encouraged as you read how they found humor, faith, and an abundance of Grace along the path that was carefully laid out for them before the foundations of the world. From infertility to a pregnancy that was foretold to be impossible, you will be inspired as you watch God unfold their story that ends in unimaginable greatness.

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