Tuesday, August 14, 2007

90-day Wonder

A 90-day wonder is an Officers Candidate School graduate. OCS students are former civilians or enlisted sailors with bachelor’s degrees who endure roughly 90 days of intense physical and academic instruction, graduating as commissioned officers.

One of my very best friends in the world leaves today for OCS, and I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that fact. She grew up with an Air Force colonel for a Dad, and is well prepared for what she is doing - but is anxious, nervous and excited none-the-less. I know that she's going to do amazingly well in this endeavor, and I wish her the absolute best of luck.

Maria is such a special person - and I know that this is going to be the best chapter in her life so far. She's worked very hard to get approved to be sworn in - she had to go the extra mile to get some minor issue with her eyes approved, and that takes dedication. I have always admired her determination and bravery, and only wish her happiness.

She has always been very supportive of me and all my ups and downs over the years. (Maria - can you believe it'll be 10 years of friendship in January?!) We met as transfer students on our first couple of days at A&M, and have been great friends ever since.

While some might think it's not a great idea to be starting this in a war-time - Maria has assured most of us that love her that she is not going into a career path that will lead her directly into a war-zone. She is going to be in the supply distribution area, and will have to spend some time on a ship - but not as much as some of her other career options within the Navy.

On a very personal and selfish note - I'm personally glad to have her back in a position where I can potentally talk to her on a regular basis again. She's been back in school for a little over a year or so now, and it has really put a damper on our communication - so hopefully after she gets through the initial craziness of OCS, we'll be able to share and enjoy our friendship fully again.

Maria, I just want you to know that I am extremely proud of you.

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