Thursday, August 16, 2007

One More Trip...

Yippee!! I only have one more appointment with my nutritionist until I have all of my paperwork together to get my surgery approved. I can't wait to get my approval and move forward with the actual surgery. I'm sure that most patients that go through this feel the same - but it feels like it has taken over my life. I can't do much of anything else without thinking about the proceedure and how different my life will be.

Jodi, my nutritionist, focused today on proteins. I am not a fan of HEB stores, but apparently they have a great product that she endorses. It is called Mootopia, and it is milk... but better. They apparently take milk, and remove some of the water - which makes it higher in protein. Additionally, they put in the enzyme lactase to break down the lactose - so people with lactose intollerance can drink this product. It comes in regular (vanilla) and chocolate - so I will have to check this out when the HEB opens near my house.

So to recap - in the next 3(ish) weeks until I meet with Jodi again:
  • We have the house closing - next Friday
  • A weekend of painting the kitchen, power room... and anything else that we can afford
  • Move to the house - August 30th
  • See Dr. Weinstein - September 4th
  • See Jodi - September 12th

Then I get to move to the next step and go meet Dr. Naaman!! WAA HOO!!

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