Friday, August 17, 2007

Snake in the House!!

Ok, I'm sorry if there are any snake lovers out there reading my blog - but I am terrified of those freaky looking things... so that is the only appology that will be posted about this story.

Every morning, I take the girls down for their morning walk... this morning - I opened the door and the girls ran out, and I saw a snake. As with anything else - I naturally froze in my tracks as the snake started coming through the hinged part of the door. I shut the door on the snake - and it kept creeping inside... and there I was with the snake, and the dogs outside with their leashes in my hand... so they couldn't go anywhere.

I called for John, who came down to get the snake out - and kill it. Of course it was a little tiny copperhead... because as if it's not bad enough that a snake is inside - it has to be poisonous! John killed it and threw it out by the fence, but seriously - we can't move fast enough now to get away from the serpents!

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