Monday, September 10, 2007

Fun with baby Abby

For our entertainment tonight we got the pleasure of watching Abby. She's the nine month old daughter of our friends, Robby & Sarah. She is such a sweetie pie! Even when she's under the weather she is still a fun baby to be around. This first picture is of Abby and I playing on the floor with some sorting blocks, and other fun toys left from Taylor's baby days. (Interestingly enough - Even at 5 years old Taylor still goes right for the basket of these toys whever she visits.)

The second picture is John's turn at playing with Abby. She loves playing with him too - they had a great time with Tickle Me Elmo once we got him working again.

Abby really loved watching our fish tank. We have a really big white frog in there that is very active. She would just dance and talk to him. It was really cute. I think she might have to get a fish tank for her house at some point. :-)

We had a really good time playing with her! We now know that our house isn't quite baby proof yet, but with boxes and stuff everywhere still... we really didn't think it was. HA! Maybe on her next visit - she can crawl on the floor and not find so much interesting stuff to try to put in her mouth.


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