Monday, September 10, 2007

Sad, but True...

Let me start off by first telling you that the tile in the kitchen was fixed on Friday - so all is well with that. They arrived as promised to fix it on Friday morning, and didn't cause any delays or problems for John & Mark's trip.

We had to move the fish tank yesterday so we didn't get much done in terms of hanging pictures on the walls - but as soon as we do that - I promise to update with some photos, and if I get brave enough maybe a video tour of the house.

So after working all afternoon on various things around the house - I decided that it was time for me to get started with my math class. I have to finish a certain amount of work by October 21st - and I hadn't started yet. So, with that said - how incredibly sad is it to be confused on the first page of the freaking book? That's me... all goes okay until they start writing the stuff out with symbols... then it looks like greek! It is very frustrating, but I'm going to write some notes out and make myself a chart to remember what the symbols mean... maybe that way I can actually read the problems in the homework! ARG! I really don't like math... but am trying to remind myself that there is a good reason I'm doing this... so that I can have my dream job next year... it's going to be a looooong semester!

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