Saturday, October 20, 2007

Amazing People

The people in God's kingdom are so amazing! I have two people out there that I've never met praying for my surgery and eventual goal of pregnancy. I've emailed with a wonderful lady named Becca that has been praying for good outcomes of this surgery for me because she knows what it is like to struggle with infertility - as she's a survivor of infertility herself.

I've been on several message boards for patients that have had this surgery or are in the process of getting it themselves, and they are amazing. One group in particular provides "surgery angels" for people - which means that someone takes the time to keep in touch with John on the day of my surgery so that she can report back to the message board about how I'm doing. She'll keep checking on me over time as well for support and advice. I haven't been assigned one just yet, but I just think these people are amazing.

I'm attaching a prayer that I recieved from a lovely woman from San Antonio that I met on the message board. I've never met her in person - but she sent me the most amazing prayer - it's so touching...

Thought I'd share the prayer I said for you today. Hope it helps to ease your fears.

Dear Lord,

We lift up our WLS sister, Kim, into Your good and loving hands. We ask that You surround her with the white light of the Holy Spirit and keep her safe. Please place Your angels all around her and give her total peace in her decision.

Oh, Master Physician, please guide the hands of her surgeons and be with her entire surgical and medical staff and help them to make all of the right decisions to help Kim have a very uneventful surgery.

Father, we ask that You be with Kim’s family and friends during this time as well and that You bring Kim safely through this surgery and give her a very healthy and speedy recovery.

We ask this in Your Holy Name . . . oh Loving God, who taught us to pray . . .



Only in God's kingdom do you find people that you've never met - that can give that much love and support during your times of need.

To my knowledge - Gayle doesn't have a blog... but Becca does, and it's hysterical... she really has a great gift in journaling the adventures of her family.

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  1. Kim I think you are the amazing person here. Thank you so much for the "plug" on your blog. I too love that God's kingdom can reach every facet including going cyber! A lesson you have reminded all of us out there is that believer want to intercede for other believers. But we need to know the needs. You my dear have done a great job of being specific in your requests God. Too many Christian suffer in silence and that is not what God intended. So thank YOU for being open with us cyber Christians. Blessings to come!


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